"I found my consultation with Dr Brown very beneficial. I had been delaying dealing with some of my peri-menopause symptoms for over a year and was so pleased when I got an appointment with Dr Brown. I had been delaying discussing my symptoms with a GP because I felt I should be able to cope, or perhaps it was too early for me to be experiencing peri-menopause. I felt she listened to me and took what I said seriously. I was advised of the different options by Dr Sam (both medical and preventative) and we discussed what I was happy to try first. I have come away feeling like I have a good treatment plan and I feel I can cope. Many thanks."

"It is amazing how much we just cope with things and it was so good to actually talk to someone. You helped me feel at ease. It really felt like talking to "one of the girls", yet you took me seriously and listened. Many thanks for all you have done"

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