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And Just Like That: Wait, Why Did Nobody Tell Us About 'Flash Periods'?

Posted on: 01/02/2022

In praise of And Just Like That's menopause narrative and everything you need to know about the perimenopause.

In And Just Like That's latest episode Charlotte joins Miranda and Carrie for lunch and reveals that she thinks she has entered the menopause. 'I haven't got my period in four months so I think I'm finally in menopause,' she says. 'Welcome to the club, prepare to be sweaty,' says Miranda. And just like that...the menopause was referred to as something perfectly normal. Refreshing, no? The menopause stereotype has long been laboured on-screen - mood swings, severe hot flushing, you know the drill. While no experience of menopause is the same, it was a relief to see it discussed by three characters who seemed so comfortable with it.

Then came the 'flash period'. Charlotte spends the majority of the episode walking around in a fate-tempting all-white outfit and, just when she thinks she's 'done with it', she gets her period. In high school levels of solidarity Carrie and Miranda rush to her aid, tying a sweater around her waist to hide the blood patch, and ushering her to the bathroom. It's Miranda who dubs it a 'flash period' and cites it as a usual symptom of the menopause, and we couldn't help but wonder...why has nobody told us about flash periods before?

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